Luka Prijatelj

The explorations of light phenomena has a relevant place in the history of the photographic medium. The particular point of interest is the development of fascination for spectral light (and colours) in the times preceding the invention of photography. It could be said that the interest in spectral phenomena, that was present in artistic, philosophical and scientific fields at the beginning of the 18. century, paved the way for the actual invention of photography.Trace is an ongoing project that explores the elemental structure of light. The project focuses of observing and recording spectral refraction of white light in the controlled environment (dark room).

Trace records the refraction fragments of homogeneous white light, which are recorded in their appearance on the surface of the photographic paper or film. The artist understands the relationship between light and darkness as a dialectical position that raises questions about the basic properties of the photographic medium.

Questions arise about the referent of the photograph (white light), which, through the creator's processes, becomes different and leaves traces in its new refracted form. In this case, the relationship between light and darkness is not manifested as the absence or presence of one extreme or the other, but as an equal part of the whole.

The author's cut into a beam of white light is needed to render the color phenomenon. Color here plays the role of a mediator between two extremes. even though the process itself departs from the classic photography, the creator's position is dedicated and tied to the field of photography, especially to the point of capturing and framing. In the process of creation, the artist perceives the need, according to the photographic gesture, as he creates the principle of perception as something that is generated on the basis of an apparatus consisting of a prism, paper and white ligh

This (gesture) is absolutely necessary for the drawing, in this project of wanting to show the border, between the mere observation of light and darkness and, on the other hand, an attempt to influence (play against the apparatus) the very transition between the elements that the artist tries to tame.
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